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We see our barn from the horses' end of the lead rope.  Horses are individuals and we strive to meet each of their needs.  Just as horses are individuals so are their people.  Our barn is a friendly, fun and drama free atmosphere for all.

All I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay,

and he'll listen to me any day.


We offer full-care boarding

$550.00 with run - $525.00 without run


  • Feed premium Local Timothy hay and/or alfalfa hay twice a day

  • Supplements and vitamins supplied by the owner are fed twice daily

  • Daily turnout (weather permitting)

  • Daily stall cleaning

  • During summer we put on and take off fly masks daily

  • Water buckets are used so that we can monitor consumption.


All horses coming in must be current with immunizations and worming is required at least once a year.

For our service providers click here.

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